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Fine spot welding (resistance welding) is a joining method using heat generated from resistance caused by placing electrodes in contact with workpieces to apply force and let current flow into workpieces. It is an eco-friendly joining method without using solder and is employed in a variety of industrial fields.
Precision welding is the specialty of AMADA MIYACHI's fine spot welders. AMADA MIYACHI's technologies are especially used for welding of sensors, ECUs, bus bars, batteries, and motors in a variety of industries such as home appliance, automobile, mobile telephone, and medical equipment industries.

AMADA WELD TECH has a lot of knowledge and experience in fine spot welding techniques and dominate the market in areas requiring fusing, seam welding, projection welding and reflow welding.
AMADA WELD TECH's extensive lineups including welding power supplies, transformers, weld heads, and electrodes enable you to find the ideal system for your applications.

We also offer equipment for the quality control of fine spot welding, as well as pulse heat controllers, which make plastic welding possible, and our own unique pulse TIG welders (for arc welding).

Additionally, we have developed automated or semi-automated process machines that incorporate fine spot welders in order to respond to an increasingly diverse range of customer needs.